Bespoke twilight or inset sessions to suit your in-house SLT or IT Admin training needs

Course Description:
The Bespoke Twilight or Inset Sessions course is designed to provide customized professional development opportunities for school leaders and IT administrators. Participants will work with our experienced trainers to design and deliver training sessions that meet their specific needs and goals, based on their existing knowledge and skills. The course covers a range of topics, including educational technology trends, digital leadership, data management, and cybersecurity.


Key Learning Objectives:
Develop a customized professional development plan that meets the unique needs and goals of the organization.
Identify key areas of focus for the training, based on organizational priorities and stakeholder input.
Work with experienced trainers to develop and deliver training sessions that are engaging, interactive, and relevant to the participants’ roles and responsibilities.
Explore different educational technology trends and best practices, and their applications in education.
Discover strategies for promoting digital leadership and responsible technology use among staff and students.
Learn how to manage and analyze data effectively to support decision-making and improve organizational outcomes.
Develop strategies for promoting cybersecurity awareness and protecting organizational assets.
Gain hands-on experience with relevant tools and technologies through guided exercises and real-world examples.


Who Should Take This Course:
This course is suitable for school leaders and IT administrators who want to develop the skills and knowledge needed to design and deliver effective professional development programs. It is particularly useful for organizations that want to tailor their training to meet the specific needs and goals of their staff and stakeholders.


Delivery Format:
This course is delivered on-site, either as a series of twilight sessions or as an inset day, depending on the requirements and preferences of the organization. Participants will work closely with our trainers to design and deliver training sessions that meet their specific needs and goals.

Course Duration:
The course duration varies depending on the number and length of the training sessions, as well as the complexity of the topics covered. Our trainers will work with the organization to develop a customised training plan that meets their time and resource constraints.

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