What’s included

  • Class VR library (See attached screen capture)
    • Professionally produced and moderated, high-quality  static and video content across a range of curriculum subjects
  • Community Library (See attached screen capture)            
    • Community-produced and moderated, variable quality static and video content covering anything and everything
  • Co-Spaces Library 
    • A mixture of professionally and community-produced, Interactive, static, video and 3D environments that students can move around within.
  • Thinglink Library
    • A mixture of professionally and community-produced, static and video content with interactive “hotspots” that can be set up to link you to additional resources, present additional content relevant to the hotspot or play additional mini-content etc.
  • Your institutions’ Libraries                                                                                   
    • An area where you can upload and manage both your personal content and content from across your institution

Standard headsets

      • The standard headsets have a removable, wipe-clean fabric cushion that sits against the face. 
      • The headset itself is made of hard plastic that wipes clean and can be sanitized using antibacterial wipes
      • The straps can be removed and hand washed or immersion sterilized
      • 16 GB Storage

Class VR Standard Headset Kits


A Class VR portal licence is required to use these headsets, if you do not already hold an active licence please ensure you select “ClassVR Portal Licence” below.

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