Cubetto Direction Blocks


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These unique coding blocks will help ensure your Primo Cubetto robot gets where it needs to go. Just place the blocks into your interface board and watch as your Cubetto turns and moves in the direction each block correlates with. Cubetto bot, interface board, and maps are not included. Included: Directional Blocks, 4 Backward, 4 Left, 4 Right, and 4 Forward.
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>  Additional programming blocks to use with the Cubetto bot and programming board

>  No screen required

>  Available blocks include; Move forward, Move rearward, Turn right, Turn left.

>  Many more blocks available to expand Cubetto’s abilities as your child learns and grows.




> Coding Blocks, a real programming language you can touch and combine to give Cubetto instructions.

> 4 x Move backward blocks

> 4 x Move forward blocks

> 4 x Turn right blocks

> 4 x Turn left blocks

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