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Cubetto is the Montessori-approved coding toy for children aged 3+, powered by tangible programming language made of colourful blocks. Children guide Cubetto through a series of maps and stories, learning the basics of computer programming and STEM skills without the use of screens.
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>  No screen required

>  Powered by two motors Cubetto moves around his world using a simple, physical block, based language.

>  Available blocks include; Move forward, Move rearward, Turn right, Turn left, Run sub-routine.

>  Many more blocks available to expand Cubetto’s abilities as your child learns and grows.

>  Child friendly style of design and use.

>  Constructed using predominantly natural materials including linden wood.

>  Colourfully illustrated guides, manuals and story books.




> Cubetto, the friendly wooden robot that likes to be told where to go and how to get there. Where you go is up to you.

> Easy-to-use Interface Board that sends commands to Cubetto. Think of it as your keyboard if you like.

> Coding Blocks, a real programming language you can touch and combine to give Cubetto instructions.

> Instruction Manual with an engaging story, and simple steps on how to get started.

> World Map + Story Book for Cubetto to explore.



>  Length: 270mm / Width: 260mm / Height: 150mm / Weight: 1.5kg

>  Built around Arduino hardware.

>  Up to 6 hours play time

>  3 x AA batteries in the controller board

>  3 x AA batteries in Cubetto

>  Board and Cubetto communicate using Bluetooth standard BT4.0

>  No screen or device required

>  1 Year warranty

>  Online Troubleshooting and component replacement Guides

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