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Dot is Dash’s companion and is the brains without the brawn! Whilst Dot doesn’t have wheels to make it move, it has loads of cool sensors and can interact with Dash as well as being used as a stand-alone device
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.>  Dot’s eye can be programmed to different patterns, just like Dash’s. In addition, Dot’s eye can be programmed to take a colour.

>  Dot has an accelerometer that helps detect when Dot is moved, shaken, tilted, rotated, dropped, and so on. These gestures can be used to program any other robot (or even used in conjunction with other devices). Dot can be used as a remote control to guide Dash along.

>  Dot has a microphone, and can respond to sound.

>  Just like Dash, Dot has various lights and a speaker that can be used as parts of its personality.

>  Pre-recorded sounds, or user recorded sounds, can be saved on Dot and played back.



>  1 Dot

>  1 Charging Cord



>  Built in rechargeable lithium ion batteries

>  Charging via Micro USB to computer system or power adapter

>  Bluetooth Smart 4 / LE connectivity



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