Course Description:
The Supporting Senior Educators and IT Teams in Migration course is designed to support educational organizations in the migration of their digital systems and services. The course offers a comprehensive overview of the key steps involved in migration, including planning, execution, and post-migration evaluation. Participants will learn how to identify the critical factors that impact the success of migration projects, develop effective communication strategies, and build collaborative partnerships between organizational stakeholders.

Key Learning Objectives:
Understand the principles of successful migration, including risk management, stakeholder engagement, and data security.
Identify the key factors that impact the success of migration projects, including system complexity, data volume, and resource availability.
Learn how to develop and implement a migration plan that aligns with the organization’s goals and objectives.
Explore different tools and techniques for data migration, such as automated scripts, ETL processes, and manual migrations.
Discover best practices for managing change and stakeholder expectations during the migration process.
Develop strategies for post-migration evaluation and ongoing support to maintain the integrity and security of migrated data.


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