Minecraft - In Class Workshop

With Minecraft having such a wide expanse of possibilities, so do our enrichments. From coding, architecture, mathematics, chemistry, biology and many more topics to explore we can truly customise the workshop that suits your needs.
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How to book your enrichment

After purchasing this product, a member of our bookings team will be reaching out to you. Please ensure that we have a contact email or number that we can contact you on.

For every booking we make, a prep-call between the organisation and our trainers/teachers will be held to tweak our enrichments to suit the school’s needs.

What is it about?

Learning by doing in Minecraft teaches students independence and perseverance. This workshop presents challenges in a virtual world which students must work together to solve. Skills include problem-solving, navigational skills, creative thinking, mathematics, engineering, ICT skills, research skills and teamwork.


Workshops can also be developed to complement curriculum areas such as history, mathematics, computing, English and Sciences.

Usual format

The way these workshops usually run is that we would bring in devices for the students to use with pre-set environments created for them to walk through and explore. We would work with 30 students for 2 hours. This can be adapted to fit your school’s needs.

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