Padcaster Camera Backpack


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The Padcaster Backpack is a perfect fit for all of your mobile media gear!
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Made from rugged waterproof nylon, the Padcaster® Backpack is a fully padded camera bag with five velcro dividers to secure your accessories and a removable zipper pouch for additional internal storage.  An adjustable strap and hideaway pouch allow you to attach any small tripod to the pack and carry your entire kit in one bag.  Each Padcaster® Backpack also comes with a removable, elastic rain cover to protect your equipment in any weather.



>  Rugged Nylon Material

>  Fully Padded

>  Five Configurable Dividers

>  Removable Zipper Pouch

>  Exterior Pocket

>  Water Bottle Holder

>  Tripod Attachment

>  Includes Rain Cover

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