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Vivi’s screen mirroring technology transforms the classroom into an interactive, collaborative learning space for both teacher and student. *Please note – due to this being a annual subscription based product, please contact us at to place an order.
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With this wireless presentation solution, teachers are now given the freedom to navigate their classroom with no restrictions, engaging with both the screen and the students from any point in the room, increasing student engagement.

Students can present their exciting ideas to the entire class (with teacher permission) allowing for immediate teacher and peer feedback. Providing a great opportunity to reinforce learning objectives and increase confidence.

Vivi makes it simple and easy to switch control between students and their teacher, allowing for a free flowing efficient learning environment. Screen sharing will encourage students to be respectful, develop negotiation skills and cooperate with one another leading to a much more collaborative learning environment.



>  BYOD: We don’t engage in the Mac vs. PC debate. Vivi is one for all and all for one. With Vivi you are equipped to use any mobile device, computer or tablet.

>  Untethered Teachers: Vivi allows for the teacher to move freely around the room engaging with students and is no longer restricted to the front of the room.

>  Empowered Students: The ability to easily take control of the screen empowers the students to show their own work and receive real-time feedback from peers and teachers.

>  Central Admin Portal: This portal is easy for admins to centrally manage all account settings, room names, boxes and user settings.

>  Direct Video Play: Play high-quality videos straight from the Vivi receiver, meaning the video is streaming directly from your hard-wired internet, and not slowing down your Wi-Fi network.

>  Dashboard Analytics: Curriculum and E-Learning Managers will be able to see the participation and engagement levels of Vivi users in their schools.



>  Vivi Receiver (124 x 80 x 28.3 mm)

>  Mounting plate with screw kit (Kensington lock compatible)

>  Standard DC power supply



Please click here to view the Vivi Receiver technical datasheet.

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